Covid-19 Policy

This information has been taken from policies set by Public Health England and verified by The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy. Should changes occur, these will be updated.

Physiotherapy sessions:

Risk assessment will be taken over the phone to establish if appointments should be covered over the phone only or if face to face is safe to go ahead.

In this assessment you will be asked if you or if anyone in your household has had covid symptoms or tested positive for covid in the last 2 weeks.

If you do develop symptoms and you have a face to face appointment you need to inform the Physiotherapist that day. You will not be charged for this appointment.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Gloves, mask, apron and visor will be worn for Physiotherapy work. Hand washing policy and use of gel will be adhered to.


On arrival, a station with sanitiser gel and a covid check in will be available.

It is your choice if you wish to wear a mask or not. Physio led pilates is not high intensity cardiovascular exercise so there will not be an excess of heavy breathing.

Please go to a designated equipment station and stay here for the duration of the class. All stations are 2metres apart.

A mat and class kit will be put out per person. These are cleaned by the Physiotherapist before and after the class.

The instructors kit station will be further than 2 metres to the class.

Necessary PPE will be worn in classes.

It is requested that any issues, such as those that may affect your exercise participation, be discuss with the physio on the phone ahead of the class.

If you of anyone in your household is experiencing symptoms of covid and have tested positive within the last 2 weeks please do not attend the class and inform the instructor when your isolation period will end.