If you would like any further information on any of the following services or prices, please get in touch

Mobile Physiotherapy Assessment 45-60 minutes, £60.

Mobile Physiotherapy Follow Up 30-45 minutes, £50.

1:1 Pilates: Initial Assessment, 60 minutes £45.

1:1 Pilates session: 60 minutes, £50. 30 minutes, £40.


Physio led Pilates Class, £72 per 6 week rolling course.

Physio Led Antenatal Pilates Class, £72 per 6 week rolling course.

Physio Led Postnatal Pilates Class, £72 per 6 week rolling course.

Physio on the Phone 30-minute telephone call, £45.

Pilates course split payment: like what you see, but block payments are inconvenient? Split the cost of each 6 course and pay £36 a month. This equates to paying for 3 classes one month and 3 classes the following month. You will pay for all 6 classes in a course even if you are unable to attend them all. Occasionally there is weeks break between rolling courses and payments for this will be discussed based around dates.


** COMING SOON**: BUPA Customers: If you have relevant BUPA cover you may be able to use your policy to pay for the pre-class assessment and class course if these are deemed to be part of a treatment package for the reason you are attending Physiotherapy. All payments are subject to full price, no special offers apply. Please discuss your case with me initially. BUPA cover is accepted for all Physiotherapy services.