Physio Led Antenatal Pilates Classes

My passions are Physiotherapy, Pilates and being a Mum to my son, Reginald! Because I have a keen interest in the field of Women's Health Physiotherapy, regularly treating ante and postnatal women, I have combined all three passions and developed Physio Led Antenatal Pilates Classes in the Gloucestershire area.

I have furthered my experience in this field by training with the internationally known organisation APPI, and my class is based on the most up to date, internationally recognised research in this field.


1:1 Mandatory pre-class Physiotherapy Assessment (worth £45 normally):

  • This session will enable me to learn about you and your pregnancy in order to make sure you exercise safely and get the most of the class.
  • Learn the principles of modified pilates and how it can help you.

The Class:

  • The class is structured as a 6 week rolling course.
  • Class numbers are limited for optimal instructor attention.
  • Notes are kept on your progress each week.
  • You have the opportunity for a 1:1 follow up assessment as and when you feel you need it.


Cost: £60 per 6 week course. First payment to be made on your Initial Assessment session. Following payments will be made prior to starting each 6 week rolling course.

Venue: St.Martin’s Church, Horsley. This is a beautiful venue with plenty of space, heated flooring and parking on site.

Time: Saturday 9.30am starting 1st October.

Special offers: Initial assessment normally worth £45 is free at present.

Booking Details: If you feel this class is for you, or you would like more information, please contact me.

More Information On Physio Led Antenatal Pilates

In the absence of contraindications, women should be encouraged to participate in aerobic and strength conditioning exercise. Even if you have not exercised prior to your pregnancy here are just some of the health benefits for you and your baby:

Health Benefits for exercising in pregnancy: Mother

  • Improve cardiovascular fitness.
  • Significantly shortens labour.
  • Reduces risk of pre-term labour.
  • Maintains healthy weight and prevents obesity in pregnancy.
  • Maintains muscle length and flexibility.
  • Faster postnatal recovery,
    (Zavorsky et al 2001, Gjestland et al 2013, Price et al 2012, Owes et al 2012, O’Connor et al 2011, Juhl et al 2008, RCOG 2006, Clapp 2002).
  • Reduces incidence of:
    - caesarean section or instrumental deliveries.
    - pelvic girdle pain and other musculoskeletal conditions.
    - gestational diabetes. Can help control blood sugars in existing cases.
    - pre-eclampsia.
    - rectus diastasis.
    - incontinence,
    (Price et al 2012, Zavorsky et al 2011, Clapp 2008 & 2000, Schussel et al 2008, Gavard 2008, RCOG 2006, Boscaglia et al 2003).


Health Benefits for exercising in pregnancy: Baby

The cardiovascular changes gained by the mother during pregnancy translating to the foetus. These changes have been found have health and development benefits for the baby. Such as;

  • better response to aerobic exercise
  • sports performance and learning languages, (May et al 2010).

Research has also found that babies are less stressed during their delivery,
(ACOG, 2009, RCOG 2006).

If you feel this class is for you, or you would like more information, please contact me.